Whether you want to be a Pop Idol, join Fame Academy or just dance for fun, there is no better time to start than now.

No matter what age you are dance has got that certain something. You don't have to follow the moves of the next person, learning how to dance gives you the confidence to clear your own space on the dance floor!

Learn to dance and express yourself, you'll have great fun and make new friends. Not to mention keep you very fit and fill you with confidence! Go on, give it a go!

Dance is a brilliant way to have fun - on your own and with friends.
Dance will take you to many places! Lots of people who become actors and musicians start out as trained dancers.
Your friends will be impressed by your moves on the dancefloor - go for it!
Dance helps you keep fit and happy!
There are many more dances than just Tango and Waltz. Think of the many forms of dance you see every day, in pop videos, or on the TV. Perhaps you visited the Dome and watched the aerial performers, on stilts or high up on ropes, most trained in dance.
You will make new friends and learn about foreign countries.
Dance is like running around the playground, except with dance you coordinate moves as well as have the fun.
Getting up and strutting your stuff, it beats TV - ANY DAY!

We're here to make sure you have fun even if you've never danced before. We'll introduce you to all kinds of dance: Ballroom (Ballroom dancing has a grace and style all its own, dancers glide around the floor almost effortlessly), Latin American (Latin American dance is raw energy dance to exciting modern music), Freestyle/Disco, Pop Video, Jazz, Tap... and many more!

We'll help you find your way.
You can choose the dances you want to learn and we will teach you from your very first step.

Why not ask your parents to come and have a look at the Funky Moves site, we have some helpful information on the Mums and Dads page just for them..

Have you decided to dance and are looking for a dance school near you? Click here!

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